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Half-term is here and a well-earned break for all and sundry. People are tired. If it’s any
consolation, no-one is as tired as my daughter who has started primary school and after 8 weeks has reached defcon 4 in the hierarchy of exhausted reception-age tantrums. Tea-time has been fun lately. It makes me realise how tiring the transition is for young people, both at primary, but also at secondary, where the stresses of forming new attachments, friendships, navigating a huge site,
learning new topics and coping with the everyday aspects of school, accumulate and take a hefty toll. Which makes it all the more impressive how they have coped. They deserve praise for doing so well, at least a biscuit, maybe even two, or one sandwich biscuit, which is arguably two biscuits so
therefore be careful and consistent with this kind of reward. The poetry performances this
afternoon are the final element of this, a moment of intense pride for all staff, students and parents.

Half-term is an opportunity to take stock, reflect on how things are going, and take another look at our uniform code. If I could draw your attention to the section on trousers: charcoal grey, standard school style. Lately it has been evident that lots of students have been wearing black trousers, and the cut is not of ‘school style’. Whilst I accept that ‘school style’ is arguably an oxymoron to go with
‘virtual reality’ or ‘jumbo shrimp’, I still don’t accept black trousers. Please take the opportunity to follow our code and our expectations; as Mr Sillince often says, the small things are vitally important. We will be having a crackdown after half-term. Please take note.

Paul Jones


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Open Evening

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Curriculum Information Evenings

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum information evenings were held on the following dates:

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Year 11 - Thursday 28 September. The Powerpoint from this evening can be found here

Pupil Premium and Free School Meals

Pupil Premium is additional funding for every child who is eligible for free school meals throughout their time at school. Information about Free School Meals and the Pupil Premium can be found here. Please also refer to the guide for parents.

Free school meals applications for Bristol Free School should be made online here.

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