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Religion and Philosophy Question for the day

2 days to go until Y10 take their first GCSE exam! This is their revision question for the day. Could you answer it?

How might Utilitarianism be used to defend war

Our Core Values

Our vision



Running a happy school in which every child is known by name and working with our partners and families to secure students’ learning.

We also promote responsibility, trust and fairness taking a positive, active role in the community we serve.


At BFS we set the highest expectations and academic ambitions to ensure our students make excellent progress from their starting points. Success to us is a broad statement which includes academic and personal development so our students go onto thrive in their lives.


We aim to prepare students to achieve their best taking the opportunities BFS offers them so they become well educated active citizens. Students will experience a sense of fulfilment through educational and personal achievement.’

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Exam Results 2023

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GCSE Results 2023

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Why choose BFS

Why choose BFS?

Sixth Form

Sixth Form

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Meet the Staff
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