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It’s been very warm this week. Students and staff have been sweltering under the intense heat of the early summer sun. Barely a week ago we were complaining about how damp and miserable it was. Thankfully, now we can complain about how ridiculously hot it is instead. As of Thursday of this week students were (are) no longer expected to wear their blazers to school. This is an entire two days earlier than our stated half-term change. In addition to this, because the mercury nudged up over the 25 degree mark, we went to shirt sleeve order: I allowed students to remove their ties. This, however, is temporary and we expect students back in ties after half-term. Any change to this will be announced to students during period one, following a complex meteorological assessment. Either way, they must come to school in the correct attire. After half-term, this means everything but their blazer. As my Mum used to say, somewhat magnanimously, usually on dishing out a dry cracker or some other wondrous treat, “don’t say I never give you nothing”.

Year 11 have been sitting exams for the past fortnight; gradually the heavyweight papers have made an appearance; Science, Maths, English, have been slipping past. The consensus from students is that these papers are hard, but that they feel as ready as they can be. They now have a well-earned interim break, punctuated by some focused revision sessions in school. Following hot on the heels of the half-term will be the second run of exams. The final paper is 26 June and we have our valedictory assembly on 27 June. Tempus fugit irreparabile.

Paul Jones


Fixture of the Week

High summer and hot weather means the athletics season is upon us. This week we took a large number of students to RGS for the Bristol Schools Championships. 6 boys and 6 girls from each year group competed in individual events against students from secondary schools across Bristol, with their individual points contributing towards a team total.

Students competed in one out of three track events each: 100, 300, 800 and 1500 metres and one out of three field events: javelin, shot put or the long jump. There were some stellar results. Buster won the 300 metres, Evie  came second in the 1500 metres and the shot put. Jasmine won the 800 metre race by some distance. Overall, the Year 8 girls came second in the relay.

In Year 10, Phoebe and Holly  monopolised the podium with first and second in the 300 metres, and Phoebe jumped much further than anyone else in the long jump. Hannah and Zoe took first and second in the javelin. Deago doubled up with a win in the javelin and the 300 metres, Lewis hurled the shot put into the stratosphere and both relay teams made the top 3. It was a super return on a day of superhuman feats.

Free School Meals

Information about claiming Free School meals can be found here. Please check through if you have any doubts about FSM and pupil premium funding. It is sometimes left unclaimed, despite being really good for students and for the school; it attracts more money from central government, meaning we can then direct our efforts more precisely and provide greater individual support.

Forms are available from reception and our staff are happy to talk you through the process.

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