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Who would have thought it? Humans only need 3 numbers...I'm sure that our GCSE
mathematicians wished this were the case during the maths exam this week! Curiously it is true. Amazonian tribes, who exist deep in the jungle far from the influence of our world have a very
different perspective of number to us. They have only 3 words that can loosely be linked to our numbers and, as such, can distinguish one jaguar from two but, beyond that, will settle for 'many'.
Sometimes we will see a 6 where another will see a 9 yet a member of the Munduruku tribe wouldn't see a number at all. If that arouses your curiosity, then I would recommend 'Alex's Adventures in Numberland'. A mathematically challenging but hugely interesting read that would certainly beat an evening of Fortnite (it also contains the secret for how to guarantee you'll win the lottery - handy). On the subject of Fortnite, gaming and the more generic online world, the
following link is an interesting (but at times uncomfortable) read. It will develop your
understanding of online ‘lingo’ used by teens these days and may also give cause for some concern and shock.


Remember that the week has not been all about exams. A huge number of Year 9 students completed their Bronze DofE trek last weekend. I visited them at their campsite on Friday evening (briefly) where students told me "we had to walk uphill all day!" I reassured said students; if today had been all uphill then, at least , they'd be able to roll home tomorrow. Dr Cooper reports that they were all excellent ambassadors for the school. Well done all. Our sports leaders led Sports Day at Westbury on Trym primary school on Wednesday, a wonderful example of student leadership at its best. Mrs Wynne-Jones was really pleased with their efforts and stated that the day could not have gone better. Thank you to the wonderful FoBFS, who sold cakes for good causes today (writing this piece in advance, I predict that I will have enjoyed more cake than I require). Finally, and lest we forget, we saw an incredibly successful Spanish exchange last week. Thank you to students and families for hosting our guests. School will continue during the break for those asked to attend focused revision sessions, however I think that, after such a busy term, we've all earned a rest!

Ben Sillince

Acting Headteacher



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