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Back in March, a number of our students travelled to Figueres in Catalunia to stay with host families as a part of our first student exchange. Last week, it was our turn to welcome our Spanish partners to school and into our family homes. During the week, they experienced our curriculum, classes and some of the things that make Bristol such a super place to live. Well done to students and staff for their roles in ensuring it was such a success and extending the hand of friendship and community to our fellow Europeans in these ever-changing times.

Tractor Beams
Our Science department do some strange and wondrous things. I went along to see the extra-curricular club with Bristol University this week and in the end felt a bit overwhelmed by what I was seeing and had to leave the room. It made my brain hurt. Asier Marzo, a researcher, brought in his 3D printed sonic tractor beam.

It can levitate small plastics, a fly and small biological samples. You can make one at home if you wish. The device modulates a simple wave using a metamaterial (a piece of matter with lots of tubes of different lengths). When the sound passes through it creates a tractor beam. It’s a step up from the old ping pong ball on a hairdryer trick. BFS have been provided with a kit to make our own, and Science Club will provide a full report over the coming weeks.

Paul Jones


Free School Meals

Information about claiming Free School meals can be found here. Please check through if you have any doubts about FSM and pupil premium funding. It is sometimes left unclaimed, despite being really good for students and for the school; it attracts more money from central government, meaning we can then direct our efforts more precisely and provide greater individual support.

Forms are available from reception and our staff are happy to talk you through the process.

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