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So it goes… We have ended the term with our curriculum enrichment week, a fantastic opportunity to ensure that students benefit from lots of different experiences. Reaction from students has been brilliant and we have had some super feedback from parents, which is always nice to receive, “it has been fantastic to hear of the different activities…there has been a lot of laughter! Yesterday’s workshops sounded really informative and how great to have such a varied week.” Thank you to Ms Huzzey for her organisational skills and commitment, without whom it would not run. Thank you also to every member of staff in the school; the level of commitment is impressive. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such a fantastic team.

Next year the school will be full. There will be a tiny bit of space around the edges, some capacity in the Sixth Form, but lower down every year group has its full complement. It is an exciting time. I used to think the school would be great when it was finished, when everything was running seamlessly. I’ve come to realise that things are never finished. It reminds me of Sisyphus, constantly pushing a boulder uphill but never getting to the top. That’s in the darker moments. Whilst there is no summit, there are a series of accomplishments as we start anew each time.

Paul Jones


Free School Meals

Information about claiming Free School meals can be found here. Please check through if you have any doubts about FSM and pupil premium funding. It is sometimes left unclaimed, despite being really good for students and for the school; it attracts more money from central government, meaning we can then direct our efforts more precisely and provide greater individual support.

Forms are available from reception and our staff are happy to talk you through the process.

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New Year 7 Induction Evening

The Powerpoint from the induction evening on 6 April 2017 is available here


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