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It’s been a tumultuous week. The highest point has been the GCSE Presentations on Thursday evening. In my speech I took the opportunity to thank parents who have placed their trust in us to educate and enthuse their children; something more prospective parents than ever before have done this year. It is a responsibility we carry with us at all times as teachers, and this wondrous profession allows for the joyous and noble task of carrying out these responsibilities. Our most recent leavers took a chance and opted for an unfinished school in temporary accommodation with 16 teachers, in the hope that everything we said we would do would lead to excellent outcomes. It was fantastic to spend some time in reflection, celebrating the end of this stage of the journey and thinking about what the future holds.

I expect and hope that those leaving us this year and next, and in the years to come, are in a position to live and work with passion, integrity and humility. I want young people who think about their principles and the things that matter, and stay true to these, even whilst others doubt them. Don’t be chipped away at, marginalised, stopped, or sucked into the machine; stay true to what you believe in.

From this point on, wherever they are, I look forward to seeing the difference that they make to this chaotic, beautiful and sometimes troubling world. This is the character of the school, these are our shared values.

Paul Jones


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