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Today is STEM day, our annual ‘big day’ dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. As such, I find myself once again marooned on the Red Planet, looking out over the desolate Martian landscape and wondering how I can get back to the safe, comforting environs of Concorde Drive. I feel comforted by the knowledge that within the Science Campus of BFS, our hardy students are working around the clock to find ways to prolong my survival in this brutal other world, where life and death are separated by the skeletal fabric of my temporary habitat. 

There are some advantages to my exile; the low-gravity has made it much easier to commute by bike; low air viscosity and resistance have meant I’ve bagged a few PBs and have shot up the Martian Strava (Marva) leaderboards. This has made it worth the 2 year journey, even if my achievements are undermined slightly by being the only cycling commuter on Mars.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, on Thursday 6 April we held our Year 7 parent induction evening. The full PowerPoint from the evening is available on the right of this page, with confirmation of dates and all of the key details. It is an exciting moment as we kick-start the journey towards welcoming another cohort of students into the school in September.

Paul Jones


Year 11 Easter Revision

This Easter we are running several revision sessions for our GCSE cohort. The sessions are led by our excellent subject staff with the benefit of additional support from RET advisers. Individual students have been invited via email, phone and a hard-copy letter. The first GCSE exam is on 4 May with the Art practical, followed by the full timetable (available to the right) from 15 May.

A reminder that attendance at the sessions is essential. 

New Year 7 Induction Evening

The Powerpoint from the induction evening on 6 April 2017 is available here

GCSE and AS Exam Dates

The timetable for exams taking place in May and June 2017 is now available to view here

The Move into Block D

Information for parents on the move taking place after the Easter holidays can be found here


Our prospectus for 2016/17 is available to read online here.