Senior Staff

Mrs Susan King with students

Senior Staff

Head of Drama 
Mrs Clifton 
email: Mrs Clifton

Head of Music
Mr Pate 
email: Mr Pate 

Head of Learning Support (SENCO)
Mrs Parry 
email: Mrs Parry

Head of PE

Mrs Wynne-Jones 
email: Mrs Wynne-Jones

Head of MFL
Miss Coleman 
email: Miss Coleman

Head of Science
Mr Hamilton 
email: Mr Hamilton

Head of Maths
Mr Brown 
email: Mr Brown

Head of D&T
Mrs Street
email: Mrs Street

Head of Computer Science
Mrs Ramanandi
email: Mrs Ramanandi

Head of Geography
Mr Green
email: Mr Green

Head of Art 
Mrs Kinnersley 
email: Mrs Kinnersley 

Head of Psychology & Sociology 
Miss Norton 
email: Miss Norton