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Please find the Bristol Free School Safeguarding Policy here

The designated person (DP) for Child Protection is Ben Sillince.
The deputy designated person (DDP) for Child Protection is Sally Jenkins and Richard Walker.

If you have concerns that you want to make the school aware of, please complete this form, and follow the instructions detailed at the top of the form to return it to us. The designated person will then monitor any concerns and report where appropriate to social care if a child is deemed at risk of significant harm. Any information shared with us will be disclosed only to those staff who need to know for the purposes of child protection. Concerns will usually be shared with parent/child by the designated person, unless to do so may place the child/ren at increased risk of harm. If there is doubt about this, the designated person will consult with social care.

If you have concerns that a child is being abused or neglected, more information on what to do can be found here.