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We will create a learning environment that ensures success. We will ensure a safe, caring, supportive and inclusive school in which academic success will be delivered and the development of individual flair, creativity, talent and personality will be encouraged.

Our mission is to establish a school that is the natural choice for the parents of North West Bristol, within a mixed economy of provision. This will be achieved through ensuring a culture of success and achievement, a refusal to compromise on “excellence” and a commitment to ensuring that all children achieve their maximum potential. We will focus on attainment within traditional core subjects (English, Maths, the sciences, (ICT) humanities and at least one language), whilst providing a rich and exciting curriculum. We also believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting activity, as part of the curriculum, as an extra-curricular activity; and in competition with other schools.

Our school will play an active and enthusiastic role in the local community. We fully recognize our responsibilities to our neighbours and the environment.

We aim to rapidly secure the confidence and support of the local community and will fully reciprocate this.

We will never lose sight of the fact that our school only exists because of the vision, aspirations and positive support of parents and carers.

Parents typically ask three things about a school. “Will my child be safe & happy?” “Will s/he achieve well?” “Are parents taken seriously?” These questions inform the seven main principles of our ethos:

Achievement: BFS will deliver a full range of outcomes, but with an uncompromising focus on attainment, driven by outstanding progress for all pupil groups in turn driven by outstanding teaching, where pupils learn how to learn.

  • Enjoyment and safety: we want pupils to experience the ‘everyday excitement’ of successful learning, augmented by special events and extra-curricular ‘add-ons’. Unobtrusive but reliable behaviour and safeguarding systems will ensure pupils feel safe and secure in their schooling.
  • Core competencies: examination success in the curriculum ‘backbone’ will be a basic entitlement, underpinning the broader curriculum, and the musical and sporting engagement we value.
  • Best practice: our starting point is putting in place tried and tested practice (leadership and management, curriculum, teaching) to secure outstanding learning. Innovation is in the form of outstanding teaching leading to outstanding outcomes for students.
  • Accountability and Quality Assurance: excellence is as much about attention to detail, as it is about inspiration. Staff will be trained to thrive in a ‘No Excuses’ culture where responsibility, accountability and quality assurance are everyday processes.
  • Transparency: parents will get clear, frequent feedback on their child’s learning
  • Responsibility and Self- Esteem: pupils will be given increasing levels of responsibility within the school, and in community service for our local and wider communities, so the self-esteem they develop through high achievement is mirrored by an understanding of other people’s needs and entitlements.

Working with the community

Our school will play an active and enthusiastic role in the local community. We recognise our responsibilities to our neighbours and the environment.

We will establish a programme of voluntary community service and encourage students to participate in it.

Our school will enjoy the support of the local community and fully reciprocate this. We will never lose sight of the fact that this school will only exist because of the hard work, efforts and support of parents and carers.

Consequently, we will seek to involve them fully in the life of the school.

We will work with the whole Bristol family of schools and seek especially to develop a real partnership with local primary schools, sharing facilities and expertise.