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Bristol Free School Staff 2017-18

Teaching Staff

Mr B Sillince Acting Headteacher
Mrs S Jenkins Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Truan Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Fernandes Assistant Headteacher
Mr R Walker Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form
Mrs K Conway Acting Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Bishop Head of Year 13 and Head of History
Mrs E Barley Head of Year 12
Mr R Parry Head of Year 11
Mrs R Hill Head of Year 10
Mr M MacBlain Head of Year 9
Mr L Green Head of Year 8 and Head of Geography
Mr R Mitchell Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr J Tolman Acting Head of Year 7
Mr B Turner Head of ADCT
Miss K Burman Teacher of ADCT
Mr J Dayment Teacher of ADCT
Mrs S Gordon Teacher of ADCT (maternity leave)
Mr E Keen Teacher of ADCT
Mr S Lam Teacher of ADCT (maternity cover)
Miss G Dawson Head of Art
Miss R Marsh Teacher of Art and Design
Mrs C Sherman Head of Computer Science
Miss C Clifton Head of Drama
Mr I Thomas Head of English
Ms P Procter 2 i/c English
Miss E Ford Teacher of English
Ms H Monsell Teacher of English
Miss A Roberson Teacher of English
Mr P Gohel Teacher of English
Ms H Williams Teacher of English
Mrs M Tamblyn Teacher of Geography
Miss A Davies Teacher of Geography
Miss F Barnes Teacher of History
Mrs L Sillince Teacher of History
Miss K Ryan Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs R Paredes-Bartlett Head of KS4 and KS5 Spanish
Miss A Burrell Teacher of Languages
Miss E Pearson Teacher of Languages
Miss H Southall Teacher of Languages (maternity cover)
Mr N Cousins Head of Maths
Mr P Aldridge Teacher of Maths
Miss H Case Teacher of Maths
Mrs R Gibbs Teacher of Maths
Mr R Ladley Teacher of Maths
Dr R Lintott Teacher of Maths
Mr W Warne Teacher of Maths
Mr D Pate Head of Music
Mrs B Wynne-Jones Head of PE
Mrs L Ballard Teacher of PE (maternity leave)
Miss E Hammond Teacher of PE (maternity cover)
Mrs C Bennett Teacher of PE
Mr M Pugsley Teacher of PE
Miss A Roberts Head of Religion and Philosophy
Mrs R Parry Teacher of Philosophy/Religion
Miss F Melville Teacher of RE
Mr A Mabey Head of Science
Mrs C Lavis 2 i/c Science
Dr D Cooper Teacher of Science
Mr E Evans Teacher of Science
Mr A Lewis Teacher of Science
Miss C Smith Teacher of Science
Miss S Norton Teacher of Psychology
Mr M Vincent SENCO
Mrs A Camp-Crates SEN Senior Teacher
Ms J Huzzey Enrichment and Extension Studies Co-ordinator
Mrs R Collis Alternative Curriculum co-ordinator (Maternity leave)
Miss S Morgan BTEC Coordinator
Mr P Cosgrove Curriculum Learning Mentor
Miss P Hussey Curriculum Learning Mentor
Ms S Lombard Curriculum Learning Mentor
Mrs R Spear Curriculum Learning Mentor
Mr D Jeanneret Lead Pastoral Learning Mentor
Miss S Gould Pastoral Learning Mentor
Miss R Archer Teaching Assistant
Mr J Gilman Teaching Assistant
Mr J Hyde Teaching Assistant
Ms M Lamour Teaching Assistant
Ms V McCague Teaching Assistant
Ms A Molnarne Magony Cover Supervisor

Support Staff

Mrs J Amel-Azizpour Attendance Officer
Ms C Tarr Attendance Officer
Miss L Holyoake PA to Headteacher
Mrs S Eynon Office Manager
Mrs E Glanville Receptionist
Mrs L Chown Administration Assistant
Ms J Doyle Administration Assistant
Miss B Mendez Administration Assistant
Miss J Parker Administration Assistant
Miss R Townsend Administration Assistant
Mrs D Foster Medical Administrator
Mrs M Donoghue Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs I O'Toole Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs L Andrews Reprographics Assistant
Mrs A Thomas Reprographics Assistant
Mrs R Smith Behaviour and Inclusion Administrator
Mrs S Rupprecht Finance and Operations Manager
Mrs L Brooks Finance Assistant
Mrs L Sheppard Finance Assistant
Miss H Chim Data Manager
Mrs M Arriazu Exams Officer
Mrs J Jones Exams Officer
Miss K Board Senior Science Technician
Mrs A Richer Science Technician
Mrs R Day ADCT Technician (Maternity cover)
Mrs N Giddings ADCT Technician
Miss V Nicholas ADCT Technician (Maternity leave)
Mr P Murphy Site Manager
Mr A Ashley Caretaker
Miss F Tweedie Caretaker