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Key terms and Spelling List - Year 7 Religion & Philosophy
  • Introduction to Philosophy
    Test yourself
    TheistA person who believes in God 
    AtheistA person who does not believe in God 
    AgnosticA person who is unsure about their belief in a God 
    PolytheistA person who believes in multiple gods 
    OmnipotentAll powerful 
    OmnibenevolentAll loving 
    OmniscientAll knowing 
    EternalWithout beginning or end 
  • Jesus
    Test yourself
    JesusThe name for who Christians believe is the Son of God 
    ChristiansThe religious group who believe Jesus came back to life and saved them from death.  
    BaptismA Christian ceremony where a person shows their dedication to God by going under the water coming out again reborn and free from sin. 
    CrucifixionWhen a person is killed on a cross. Jesus was killed in this way.  
    ResurrectionThe term which describes how Christians believe Jesus came back to life after dying on the cross.  
    MiracleAn event which is unexpected and goes against the laws of nature. Christians believe they are caused by God.  
    MessiahA name for Jesus which Christians use to describe how Jesus came and saved them from death.  
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Ethics Continued
  • Islam
    Test yourself
    MohammadThe final prophet of Islam. The messenger of Allah. 
    AllahThe Arabic term for God 
    RamadanThe holy month of Islam which is observed as a month of fasting. 
    ShahadahThe first of the five pillars. The declaration of faith.  
    HajjPilgrimage to Mecca 
  • Hinduism
    Test yourself
    HinduA follower of Hinduism  
    BrahmanThe ultimate reality (God) in Hinduism 
    AvatarA manifestation of a deity in human form. 
    KarmaActions which determine your rebirth. 
    SamsaraThe cycle of birth, death and rebirth in Hinduism. 
    MokshaEscape from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Union with Brahman.