Severe weather

Mrs Susan King with students

Bristol Free School severe weather plan

On rare occasions we may not be able to open the School as normal because of severe weather conditions. We understand that this can be very difficult for parents and carers and it is not a decision we take lightly especially as schools are seen nationally as critical and essential services.

School Closure

Any decision to close Bristol Free School will be made on the basis of the risk to student safety, either because of physical conditions on the site (for example, if the heating fails) or because we do not have enough staff to carry out our duty of care (for example, because of transport disruption).

‘Late Start Day’

It is, however, our desire and intention to keep the School open whenever possible. With this in mind, if circumstances allow, a ‘Late Start Day’ will be implemented instead of full school closure.

A ‘Late Start Day’ will mean school starting at 10.00am, with a modified timetable for the day and will then finish at 3.00pm.

On a ‘Late Start Day’ students will need to bring equipment/kit for the subjects they have during lessons 3 – 6 of that day.

If we have to close the School, we will notify families in the following ways:

We will endeavour to provide as much advance notice of a 'School Closure' or ‘Late Start Day’ as possible and students will be alerted to the possibility of a ‘Late Start Day’ the day before.

The decision will be communicated as early possible via the following communication channels:

  • The School’s website
  • Bristol City Council’s website:
  • Local radio stations: Radio Bristol, Heart Radio, Star Radio, Ceed Radio and Bristol United Press
  • Text message to emergency contacts 1 & 2 on the student records
  • Travel to School
    If School is open but severe weather or transport disruption prevents your children arriving, please let us know by phone, using the absence line, 0117 9508157, and leaving a message on the voice mail. In such cases always consider safety first, but we would rather students arrived late than were absent for the whole day.

    Please avoid phoning the School to check if we are open – this can jam the phone system.