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Definitions and Meanings

Sports Psychology

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can be physical or mental. Two types; direct aggression and indirect aggression.
a physical and mental (physiological and psychological) state of alertness/readiness, varying from deep sleep to intense excitement or alertness.
taking slow, deep breaths whilst relaxed.
an aggressive act that involves physical contact with others.
information a performer receives about their performance from outside themselves, such as from a coach.
the drive to perform well or to win in order to gain external rewards.
a method of conveying information to a performer. Guidance can be visual, verbal, manual or mechanical.
an aggressive act that does not involve direct physical contact. It is taken out on an object in order to gain an advantage.
information a performer receives from within.
the drive to succeed that comes from within.
the drive to succeed or desire to achieve or be inspired to do something. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic.
a cognitive relaxation technique involving developing positive thoughts about your performance.
a quiet, shy, passive and reserved personality type, usually associated with individual sports performance.
a sociable, active, talkative and outgoing personality type, usually associated with team sports.
distinguishing qualities or characteristics belonging to a person.
Deep breathing
Direct aggression
Extrinsic feedback
Extrinsic motivation
Indirect aggression
Intrinsic feedback
Intrinsic motivation
Positive self-talk