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Definitions and Meanings

Topic 1.4 Making the business effective

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Industries where costs of transport of raw materials and finished goods are relatively low, so that they can be situated in a wide variety of location.
The individual who owns and controls a business, who has unlimited liability.
A company that can buy and sell their shares to the public, usually in the stock market. This type of company has limited liability. The owners are called shareholders.
Franchise A business that is licensed to use the name, logo and expertise of an existing company in order to trade. Franchiser The company who licenses their name, logo and expertise to another company. Franchisee The person who applies for a license
Private Sector All companies that are run and owned by individuals
All organisations that are controlled by either national or local government
The process of finding the right people to work for you
Sole Trader
Public Limited Company (PLC)
Private Sector
Public Sector