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Three weeks in and things are picking up pace with the first of our fixtures (and epic match reports) taking place. We’ve also had ClubFest, a new and exciting week of additional enrichment activities for all students. We have run an array of amazing activities, including a dressmaking special and our pop-up Comic Book Philosophy club. It’s a springboard for students to leap into our enrichment programme, making the most of the opportunities available throughout the year.


I was pleased to welcome in Year 11 parents on Thursday to our brand new Sixth Form building for a curriculum presentation led by Mr Collis and Mrs Jenkins. The powerpoint is available on our website. I discussed several elements at the start, perhaps most importantly the shift to linear exams. For this year group, coursework plays a vastly diminished role, it’s all about writing against the clock and producing enough work in the allocated time. There is no drafting and redrafting, merely the pressure of reproducing content and showing skills on the day, in the exam room. If there is one clear thread from our Year 10 exams, it’s not that students didn’t know what to do, it’s that they didn’t write enough. In order to factor in more time to develop these skills and grow confidence, we will be making some changes to tutor time, creating additional study groups and making full use of our period 7 timetable. More details to follow with a full launch a week on Monday.




Open Days

Full details of our Open Days for prospective Year 7 students can be found here

You can book online. Visitors will receive a tour of the school and have an opportunity to speak with a member of the senior team. 

Tuesday 20 September

Wednesday 28 September

Thursday 20 October

Our Open Evening takes place on Wednesday 28 September. 


There will be a Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 10 November.


Year 10 Curriculum Evening

The information discussed at the Year 10 Curriculum Evening can be found here:

Progress 8 Factsheet

GCSE changes September 2016


New Year 7 Activity Evenings!

It's that time of year again... On Friday 23 and 30 September we are running our annual new Year 7 Parent and Student activity evenings. These are a fantastic way to get to know your child's tutor, but also other parents and families at the school. There is a barbecue and refreshment stall run by FOBFS, our brilliant PTA. Letters are going out to tutor groups this week and we look forward to seeing you there! 



Our prospectus for 2016/17 is available to read online here.