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Message from the new Headteacher, Susan King

I am delighted to be the new headteacher of Bristol Free School. This is clearly a vibrant and successful school, serving the community of North West Bristol. The school’s impressive ‘A’ Level and GCSE results in 2018 are the best possible foundation for my headship and I am grateful to our staff for enabling our students to do so well. I am also grateful to  parents for working in such effective partnership with our staff.

The aim at BFS is to ensure that every child who comes here receives the highest quality educational experience and leaves us ready to thrive and succeed in the adult world. We understand that each child is unique and has his or her own set of talents and aspirations. For that reason Bristol Free School offers not only high academic standards, with the support and challenge each child needs, but a wide range of responsibilities and extra-curricular opportunities, to suit all aptitudes and tastes. Since arriving, I have been delighted by the range and depth of all that Bristol Free School has to offer – both inside and outside the classroom – including music, drama and competitive sport.  This is an essential part of this school’s success and character. 

Under my leadership this school will continue to expect every student to work hard, behave well and make the best of everything that is on offer here. 

I look forward to working with parents and the whole community to lead Bristol Free School from strength to strength.

Susan King