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Healthy Eating

School dinners have been in and out of the news over the last few years: Jamie Oliver’s campaign resulted in new government food and nutrition standards for school meals; more recently there has been concern that Academies and Free Schools are allowed to opt-out of these standards; the Education Secretary has asked the founders of Leon to review school dinners again; and on it goes!

As parents we know that our children need a healthy breakfast and a nutritional lunch every day. We know that hungry children cannot concentrate and cannot learn, which in turn knocks confidence. Good nutrition is critical to a child’s achievement.

At Bristol Free School we aim to meet or exceed the governments food and nutrition standards. We will not have vending machines filled with fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets on the premises.

Sample Lunch Menu
Breakfast Service Menu


Please click here for the Christmas lunch menu for 2016.

Together with our catering provider Pabulum, we will ensure that, wherever possible:

  • Fresh ingredients will be used, not processed convenience food.
  • Food will be baked not fried.
  • Salt levels will be low.
  • Ingredients will be locally sourced, free range and organic.

Food Standards letter from Pabulum to BFS

Healthy eating does not start and end with the dinner bell. Pupils will be encouraged to bring fruit snacks into school and run a break-time healthy-eating tuck shop.

We have enrolled with the Food For Life Partnership to help our pupils engage with the growing and cooking of the food they eat, and involve parents in the life of the school.