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Local Governors' Attendance Record

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Apologies Received

7 September 2018 SCS DH, CB, KF, KL, SK, JM  
13 September 2018 LGB KF, CB, SK, JM, NH, PA, AMcW, DL, KL DH
15 November 2018 FBP NH, SK, JM, KL, AMcW, DL KF
15 November 2018 S&D AMcW, SK, KL, PA, DL KF
13 December 2018 LGB KF, CB, SK, JM, DH, AMcW, DL, KL NH, PA
23 January 2019 SCS KF, CB, SK, DH, JM, AMcW  
27 February 2019 FBP SK, JM, KL, KF, AMcW NH
27 February 2019 S&D SK, JM, KL, CB, KF, AMcW DL
21 March 2019 LGB KF, CB, SK, JM, AMcW, DL, KL NH, DH
13 May 2019 SCS/LGB    
6 June 2019 FBP    
6 June 2019 S&D    
27 June 2019 LGB    

Attendance records for 2017/18

Attendance records for 2016/17

Attendance records for 2015/16


LGB: Local Governing Body

FBP: Finance, Buildings & Premises Committee

SCS: Students, Curriculum & Standards Committee

S&D: Staffing & Development Committee


KL: Karen Lynch

NH: Nathalie Haines

DL: Danny Lynch

AMcW: Andrew McWhan

KF: Karen Foster

DH: Dave Hale

CB: Clive Brazil

PA: Paul Airs

SK: Su King

JM: John Meech

AMB: Anne-Marie Boyle

KG: Kate Groves

KP: Karen Philips