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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 Art
Term 1Term 1 Pushing the boundaries of drawing
Students will undertake a series of workshops, trying out a broad range of media and learning new drawing techniques to push their skills further. The focus will be on: Using the right side of the brain, drawing from direct observation; still life and around the city. How to use negative space and a viewfinder, fore shortening and continuous line. Students will also make their own sketchbook, research local artists and respond to their work by making a transcription. They will then create their own piece in the style of the artist.
Assessment: There is no assessed piece for this unit however students will undertake their first critique. Key Words and Terms
Term 2 & 3Term 2 & 3 Past paper   
Students will choose a starting point from a past paper. They should explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to art and design from the past and from recent times, including European and non-European examples. This should be integral to the investigating and making process. Their responses to these examples must be shown through practical and critical activities which demonstrate their understanding of different styles, genres and traditions
Assessment: Students will be assessed on their final piece, using the four assessment objectives.Key Words and Terms
Term 4 & 5Term 4&5 Personal Investigation  
This is a practise for year 13. It is a practical unit with written elements in which candidates are expected to develop a personal investigation based on an idea, issue, concept or theme leading to a finished piece or pieces. • The practical elements should be linked with some aspect of contemporary or past practice of artists, designers or craftspeople. • Candidates should be selective when deciding what to submit for this unit
Assessment: Students will be assessed on their project using the 4 assessment objectivesKey Words and Terms
Term 6Term 6   
Students will undertake an appreciation of History of Art (Art of the Western World) It establishes a framework for exploring aspects of western art and architecture. It enables students to achieve an appreciation of some significant themes from classical Greece to the end of the twentieth century and demonstrate the skills of investigation and interpretation within the context of History of Art.
Assessment: Students will not be assessed on thisKey Words and Terms