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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 Music Technology
Introduction to Recording 
Students are given a studio induction and taught the basics of recording using DAW technology
Assessment: Short recording projectsKey Words and Terms
Students learn the fundamentals of synthesis, generating their own sounds
Assessment: Short composition projectsKey Words and Terms
Microphone types and uses 
Students are taught about mic types, patterns and responses, and common uses
Assessment: Recording project, written workKey Words and Terms
Recording history 
Students begin learning about early recording techniques and musical styles
Assessment: Written and listening questionsKey Words and Terms
Mixing and Practical Recording Project 
Mixing techniques. Students complete a practical recording task considering every element covered so far
Assessment: Practical recording assessed taskKey Words and Terms
Sampling and Composition Project 
Students are taught sampling techniques and composition skills.
Assessment: Composition project including sampling and synthesisKey Words and Terms