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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 Further Maths
Term 1Y12 Further Maths Term 1 Core Pure  
An introduction to Complex Numbers Further complex numbers, Loci and the Argand Diagram Matrices; Add, subtract and multiply conformable matrices. Multiply a matrix by a scalar. Understand and use zero and identity matrices. Use matrices to represent linear transformations in 2-D. Successive transformations. Single transformations in 3-D. Find invariant points and lines for a linear transformation.
Assessment: Topic assessments on Complex Numbers and MatricesKey Words and Terms
Term 2Y12 Further Maths Term 2 - Further Statistics 1  
Poisson and binomial distributions (part 1) Discrete probability distributions Poisson and binomial distributions (part 2) Chi squared tests
Assessment: Each topic will be tested through a 50 minute assessmentKey Words and Terms
Term 3Y12 Further Maths Term 3 - Core Pure  
Roots of equations Understand and use the relationships between the roots and coefficients of polynomial equations up to quartic equations. Form a polynomial equation whose roots are a linear transformation of the roots of a given polynomial equation (of at least cubic degree). Know that non-real roots of polynomial equations with real coefficients occur in conjugate pairs. Solve cubic or quartic equations with real coefficients. Sequences and series 1: Summing series Understand and use formulae for the sums of integers, squares and cubes and use these to sum other series. Sequences and series 2: Induction Construct proofs using mathematical induction. Contexts include sums of series, divisibility and powers of matrices.
Assessment: Each topic is assessed through a 50 minute formal assessment task.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Y12 Further Maths Term 4 - Further Mechanics 1  
Momentum and impulse Work, energy and power Elastic collisions in one dimension
Assessment: Each topic is assessed through a 50 minute test under formal conditionsKey Words and Terms
Term 5Y12 Further Maths Term 5 - Core Pure  
Vectors: Equations of lines The scalar product Equations of planes Further lines and planes Calculus: Volumes of revolution
Assessment: Each topic is assessed through a 50 minute formal test.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Y12 Further Maths Term 6 - Core Pure  
Complex Numbers Hyperbolic functions Polar coordinates
Assessment: Each topic is assessed through a 50 minute formal test in class.Key Words and Terms