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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 Psychology
Terms 1 and 2Research Methods 
Students will consider experimental methods, hypotheses and experimental design. They will then go on to study the following topics: DC and investigator effects Reliability and validity Control Features of science Reporting investigations Pilot studies Correlations Content analysis Once a peer review has been completed in Term 2, students will move on to consider the implications of psychology for the economy, observational techniques, case studies, self-report techniques, quantitative and qualitative data and meta-analysis.
Assessment: Weeks 3 or 4 Research methods assessment Weeks 11 or 12 Assessment of all sub topics considered in Terms 1 and 2 Key Words and Terms
Terms 1 and 2Social Influence and Memory   
A variety of topics are investigated in this topic including the following areas.Types and explanations of Conformity Asch and Variations of Asch Zimbardo Aims and Method Zimbardo Evaluation Milgram Aims and Method Milgram Evaluation Resisting Social Influence, Part 1 and Part 2. Social Change Parts 1 and 2 The different types of long-term memory and the approaches to working memory in individuals. Students will also investigate the process of forgetting and how this varies.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Terms 3 and 4Research Methods and Psychopathy 
Students will consider the following topics: Descriptive statistics Distributions Thematic analysis Probability and significance T-test Following an assessment, they will then move on to: Definitions of abnormality Phobias depression OCD
Assessment: Weeks 3 or 4 Assessment based on Term 3 work Weeks 9 or 10 Assessment based on Term 4 workKey Words and Terms
Terms 3 and 4Memory and Biopsychology 
Students will work on eyewitness testimonies. They will research and improve their work leading to an assessment. Following feeddack, students will consider the following topics: A biological approach The nervous system The endocrine system Fight or Flight Once more, study will end with an assessment before considering 'localisation of function'.
Assessment: Two assessments One in weeks 3 or 4 based on eye witness testimonies One in weeks 9 or 10 based on Terms 3 and 4 study topics.Key Words and Terms
Terms 5 and 6Attachments 
Students will consider attachments and stages of attachment/multiple attachments. They will then move on to study: Learning theory: aims and method Learning theory: evaluation Bowlby: aims and method Bowlby: evaluation Strange situation: aims and method Strange situation: evaluation Cultural variation and bias Maternal deprivation Institutionalisation Internal working model
Assessment: Students will revise for and sit external examinations at the end of the course.Key Words and Terms
Terms 5 and 6 Biopsychology and Approaches 
Students will consider the following topics: Studies of the brain Biological rhythms Origins of psychology Comparison of approaches: overview, cognitive and biological They will then revise all topics for an internal examination.
Assessment: Weeks 7 or 8 Assessment of Term 5 study Weeks 9 or 10 Year 12 examinationKey Words and Terms