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6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 Spanish
Term 1Theme 3. Unit 8. The Challenges of Immigration and Integration in Spain   
In this unit we will look at the topic of Immigration in Spain. We will begin by - Impact of immigration on education/school life - Living conditions of immigrants in Spain - Marginalisation and alienation of immigrants in Spain
Assessment: Students will complete and end of Unit Tests 7 and 8; Grammar Test on this term's grammarKey Words and Terms
Term 1.1Theme 2: Unit 6. Literature Study    
Students will analyse the novel 'Para Agua como chocolate' - Laura Esquivel this term. Through the study and analysis of this novel students will: - develop a detailed understanding and appreciation of the novel, by writing critical and analytical responses in French. - produce responses that show critical appreciation of features such as: o key concepts and issues; o characterisation; o form and technique of presentation, e.g. effect of narrative voice in prose text, effect of camera work in film; o social and cultural setting; as appropriate to the work studied - present viewpoints, develop arguments, draw conclusions, analyse and evaluate in writing
Assessment: Students will complete an essay on the chosen text and they will complete a vocab and translation assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 1.2Theme 2. Unit 6. Festivals and Traditions   
In this unit students will study the customs and traditions in Spain and Latin America. The following topics are covered: - aspects of customs relating to food - some non-religious festivals that are celebrated in Spain and Latin America - aspects of Latin-American gastronomy and one traditional fiesta in Latin America - some religious fiestas in Spain
Assessment: Students will complete and end of unit test. This will consist of the following: - listening and reading comprehension - speaking presentation on a festival studied - vocabulary test based on unit contentKey Words and Terms
Term 1.3Unit 7. The Positive Impact of Immigration in Spain   
In this unit we will look at the topic of Immigration in Spain. We will begin by researching the origin of modern day immigrants and their reasons for coming to Spain. We will also analyse the needs of the Spanish job market, and the need for immigrants.Students will focus on Muslim influence in Spain, particualrly on food and arts.
Assessment: Students will sit a mock exam paper assessing on both units covered. Students will be examined on a reading, translation, listening, writing and vocab assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 2 Unit 10. The Civil War and The Rise of Franco
In this unit of work students will study the Spanish Civil War and the rise of Francoism. The following areas will be covered in this term: - An Analysis of the reasons for Franco's rise to power - Franco's victory in the Civil War - How the Civil War caused social division
Assessment: End of Unit test which comprises of a listening, reading, translation and vocabulary test.Key Words and Terms
Term 2.2Unit 11. The Francoist Dictatorship
The focus of this unit of study will centre around the following topics: - The living conditions of different groups during the post war era. - Censorship and restrictions during the dictatorship - Divisions in Spanish society under the Franco regime
Assessment: End Topic test will be completed by each student and will comprise of a listening, translation and reading assessment based on the content covered. Students will also work with a FLA to complete a speaking booklet on possible questions based on Task one of the A Level exam.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Theme 4. Unit 12. The Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy   
In this unit the following topics are covered: - key moments of the transition to democracy - the role of Adolfo Suárez in creating a liberal democracy in Spain - the circumstances surroundingh the Spanish transitionand the role of King Juan Carlos I - the impact of the transition on Spanish society and the evolution of democracy
Assessment: Students will complete and end of unit test which will consist of the following elements: - speaking presentation - listening and reading comprehension - vocabulary test based on all key expressions and vocabulary of the unit - Translation from Spanish to English Key Words and Terms
Term 4Theme 1 and 2 Revisited
In this unit students will both revisit the themes and deeper their understanding of the content. The following topics are covered in this unit: - the attitudes that Spanish have to gay marriage, homosexual people and their legal situation - work culture and the attitude of the Spanish to work - the challenge facing the Spanish tourist industry moving forward - the impact of social networks in Latin America
Assessment: Students will be assessed through a mock A level exam encompassing all skills examined at A Level. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Revision of Literature and Film Studied   
Students will complete an intense revision course on both the text and film studied over the course of the A Level course.
Assessment: Students will have regular essay-based assessments with a focus on previous exam paper questions. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Exam Period
Assessment: Key Words and Terms