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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Music
Term 1Melody, Harmony and Staff Notation 
Knowledge/Skills Music theory and the elements of music through detailed listening tasks. Basic composition skills and ear training. Outcome Read and write staff notation and comment on the use of elements of music
Assessment: Solo performance and basic comparisonKey Words and Terms
Term 2Popular Song  
Queen - Killer Queen (AOS2) Knowledge/Skills Understand the composition of pop songs through harmonic and melody analysis of Queen. Outcome Ability to compare and contrast pop songs and compose in this style using music technology.
Assessment: Exam questions Pop song compositionKey Words and Terms
Term 3Introduction to the Musical Era: Baroque  
Music for a While Henry Purcell (AOS2) Knowledge/Skills Understand baroque vocal music in it's historical context. Know about musical history through to the baroque era. Outcome Ability to compose extended pieces using musical history through to the baroque era. Outcome Ability to compose extended pieces using music notation. Ability to sing traditional vocal music.
Assessment: Examination questions Composition Solo performance eveningKey Words and Terms
Term 4Fusions 
'Release' by Afro Celt Soundsystem (AOS4) Knowledge/Skills Undertand how elements of different musical styles can be fused together. Outcome Ability to compose a fusion piece using Afrucan drum rhythms and pop song structures.
Assessment: Examination questions Composition - Controlled assessmentKey Words and Terms
Term 5Jazz and Bossa Nova 
'Samba Em Preludio' by Esperanza Spalding (AOS4) Knowledge/Skills Understand the set work in its world music context. Outcome Ability to recognise song writing conventions in pieces of world music.
Assessment: Examination questions Ensemble performanceKey Words and Terms
Term 6Music for the Stage 
'Defying Gravity' from Wicked Knowledge/Skills Understand how music is written for the theatre. Understand the set work in context. Outcome Ability to compose songs for a musical
Assessment: Examination questions CompositionKey Words and Terms