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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 English
Term 1Jekyll and Hyde
To read and enjoy a C19th Novel (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). There will be a focus on understanding plot and structure, the presentation of characters, key themes, and the context in which it was written. Also we will practise responding to unseen passages for creative exploration of a writer’s style.
Assessment: Evaluate how successfully tension is developed in the extract. This is a Lang Q about the Lit text. W: Lang P2, Sec B Write a report on the school facilities evaluating them and suggesting improvements.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Jekyll and Hyde
Built in to continued study of the novel will be opportunities for further work on non-fiction text types.
Assessment: R: Lit P2, Sec A Explore how a character or theme are presented in the novel. W: Lang P1, Sec B Write about a time you were afraid. You can use the images as stimulus.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Writing Skills Revision   
Consolidate and practise writing for a variety of audiences and purposes.Teaching focus will be determined by the needs of the students as identified in previous assessments.
Assessment: R: Lang P2, Sec A Comparative of 2 Non-Fiction texts 19th/21st Century. W: Lang P2, SecB Write a letter to the headmaster persuading him to allow you to hold a fundraising event at the school.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Literature Revision
Revision of texts for English Literature Paper including Shakespeare play and the modern and C19th novel. Students will develop their ability to use textual references, analyse form and structure, and use appropriate terminology as indicated in the AOs.
Assessment: R: Lit P2, Sec B Poetry UNSEEN comparative analysis essay. W: Lang P1, SecB Key Words and Terms
Term 5GCSE Exams! The Final Countdown!
Teaching Focus: One week on each section of the paper. Peer assessment and marking around the room.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms