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KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 PSHCE
Term 1Becoming Parents   
Students will consider all the issues surrounding parenting, including factors to consider when planning a family, including the particular challenges of young parenthood and the skills and qualities needed. They will learn about how various lifestyle choices may affect a foetus, how fertility can vary and the options open to individuals who are unable to conceive. Students will also discuss the skills and qualities needed by parents as well as why some choose to adopt or foster. They will learn about the pathways available in the event of unintended pregnancy, the possible physical and emotional reactions and responses people may have to each option and who to talk to for accurate, impartial advice and support.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Term 2Handling Exams   
Students will set goals for their GCSEs, practise visualising success and make plans for their revision, the exam period and the summer break. They will consider their well-being and how they can maintain mental health and wellness.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Term 4Revision and interventions
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Terms 3 and 4Careers and next steps   
Students will consider their post-16 options, research possibilities, including different types of jobs and apprenticeship routes. They will start to create a CV and make applications for post-16 courses. They will also learn about the importance of work experience and how to find placements.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms