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Curriculum - Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum provides opportunities for all students to succeed in line with their academic targets, prior attainment and progress and future aspirations. The curriculum includes a range of subjects which will keep career paths open and provide breadth, depth and enrichment. We accept that not all courses are accessible to, or suitable for, all students therefore ‘options’ are presented as ‘Guided Curriculum choices’. We offer a range of KS4 qualifications to help every student gain self-worth and a sense of achievement, from GCSEs to BTEC courses. We will support every student to move on to appropriate post-16 education. For every student at Bristol Free School making the right choices at GCSE is vital and we are mindful of the advice given by the Russell Group which represents the top 24 universities in Britain. “It is really important that students do not disadvantage themselves by choosing a combination of subjects at A-level which will not equip them with appropriate skills and knowledge for their university course or which may not demonstrate effectively their aptitude for a particular subject. “Informed Choices” emphasises the importance of ‘facilitating’ subjects, such as Maths and English, which are particularly effective in equipping students with the skills they need for a large number of competitive courses and in increasing a student’s chances of getting on to those courses.” From the Russell Group document: Informed Choices

The facilitating subjects are currently:

Maths, Further Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages (modern and medieval), History and Geography

For a student to take one of these facilitating subjects at A level, they must be studied at GCSE, hence the importance of every student at BFS being guided into the right curriculum.

The vast majority of students in Year 10 will take English, maths and sciences together with an humanities subject and a language. We will encourage consideration of a creative option as well as maintaining subjects students have enjoyed and experienced success in for their remaining curriculum choices.

We will follow the National Curriculum and are mindful of the review that is currently taking place. Our Key Stage 4 Curriculum is tailored to each cohort so what is offered will change year-on-year.

Pathways and Choices

In the booklet below you will find extensive details of our current Key Stage 4 curriculum offer including our three pathways and the range of subjects on offer:

KS4 Guided Choices Booklet: 2016-2018

Year 10 Curriculum Evening 1 October 2015 Presentation

Year 10 Work Experience presentation Summer 2016

Year 11 Handbook 2016-17