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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 Music
Term 1School of Rock 
Students are introduced to common “rock band” instruments – the drum kit, bass guitar, electric guitar and synthesizer. They learn basic techniques for these instruments, and have the opportunity to “specialise” in their favourite. Students begin to play together in bands using their specialist instrument. Performance: Students will learn new performance skills on a range of instruments. App: Analysis of the role of the instruments studied in a variety of pieces. Students will learn to read guitar/bass tablature and drum notation.
Assessment: Mini performance task in bandsKey Words and Terms
Term 2Band Instrumental Skills 
Using the Musical Futures model, students will work in 5 piece “bands” and rehearse and perform a song of their choice. Students will use notation, tablature and audio recordings to learn and refine their piece, focusing on timing and band ensemble skills. Composition: Students will consider their arrangement of their song, adapting it to suit the musicians in their band. Performance: Independent learning and ensemble performance skills. App: Students will critically analyse their song of choice and learn aurally.
Assessment: Band performanceKey Words and Terms
Term 3Composition Project 
Students will spend a term working on a composition piece starting with a single ostinato “loop”. They will add chords, a bassline, drums, and melody, and develop a verse-chorus structure. This project will then feed into next term’s work on Hip Hop Performance: Students will compose an original ostinato pattern, chord sequence, bass line, drum beat, and a contrasting section of music. App: Students will listen to a variety of “loop based” music ICT: Advanced sequencing and recording in Logic Pro
Assessment: Composition using music technologyKey Words and Terms
Term 4Hip Hop  
Composition: Students will develop advanced lyric composition skills, focusing on their use to convey messages and emotions. They will compose a piece using sampling. Performance: Students will perform their compositions in small groups to the class, focusing on delivery and rhythm. App: Students will explore how lyrical and musical information convey meaning, and look at the use and implications of sampling in modern music. ICT: Sampling and advanced audio recording and manipulation in Logic Pro.
Assessment: Hip hop compositionKey Words and Terms
Term 5Music and Media 
Students will analyse the effect of music on the visual image, and how musical devices can be used to support and alter mood, storytelling and character development. They will refresh their music theory skills, and use them to analyse and compose original leitmotif ideas. Performance: Students will learn to play a variety of film themes from traditional notation. App: Students will assess how different approaches to composing for screen affect how film is perceived. They will analyse how musical processes they have explored in other units can be used in this context.
Assessment: Performance of a film themeKey Words and Terms
Term 6Musical Theatre 
Students will look at the history of Musical Theatre before working towards a combined Performing Arts ensemble piece on a chosen musical. Composition: Students will have the option to compose their own piece for musical theatre. Performance: Performances of extracts from a chosen musical. App: Students will analyse the links between Music, Drama and Dance, and explorer the use of music to express emotion in the theatre.
Assessment: Final performance or compositionKey Words and Terms