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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 English
Term 1Of Mice and Men   
Close literary analysis of a work of contemporary relevance, looking at language, character and themes. Some historical context working around the Great Depression of America. Students practise letter-writing and essay skills.
Assessment: Written responses to character, theme, language and context. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Romeo and Juliet   
Study of whole play with a clear focus on exploring extracts through analysis of language, structure and form - preparation for GCSE Literature Questions. Role-play and creative writing activities supplement the analytical work.
Assessment: Assessment based on short and longer questions, focused on response to literature. Key Words and Terms
Term 3Romeo and Juliet   
Students finish studying 'Romeo and Juliet' and then study a range of poetry from the Edexcel GCSE Relationships anthology.
Assessment: Reading: Analyse non-fiction texts Writing: Transactional writingKey Words and Terms
Term 4Gothic Literature  
Learn key features of gothic literature. Close analysis of gothic extracts and poems from writers such as Dickens, Poe, Bronte, Duffy and Browning. Explore character, setting, and language use. Hone comparative skills. Reading a range of non-fiction texts to familiarize students with techniques used. Students practise letter-writing skills.
Assessment: Analysis of gothic tropes; essay task. Written task: letter. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Language Paper 1  
Language Paper 1 skills practised through analysis of 19-20th century extracts. A variety of creative writing techniques will be addressed.
Assessment: English Language Paper 1Key Words and Terms
Term 6Language Paper 2 and Poetry   
Language Paper 2 skills practised through analysis of non-fiction texts including a comparative element. Transactional writing such as writing a guide or magazine article. Students also continue their study of poems from the GCSE anthology.
Assessment: English Language Paper 2Key Words and Terms