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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 English
Term 1Short Stories   
Variety of short stories, including Roald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, Graham Greene and Richard Connell. Focus on how these stories create tension and engage the audience. This leads onto a variety of creative writing activities.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 2The Tempest  
Study of whole play with a variety of activities such as drama, role-play and detailed analysis of short sections. Some context: utopia and dystopia; the significance of Caliban and slavery. Essay writing skills will be addressed.
Assessment: Variety of assessment tasks, including writing about character and context. Key Words and Terms
Term 3The Tempest and Linked Poetry   
After finishing their study of 'The Tempest', students study a range of poetry that is thematically linked to the play.
Assessment: Reading: Analysing non-fiction texts Writing: Transactional writingKey Words and Terms
Term 4The Woman in Black  
In-depth analysis of this supernatural and really scary text.
Assessment: Close study and analysis of the novel, looking at themes, characters, literary techniques and the gothic genre. Reading a range of non fiction texts to familiarize students with techniques used. Students practise report-writing skills.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Language Skills  
Short and focused unit looking at the development of responses to literary text. Language skills are practised through analysis of 19-20th century extracts.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Language Skills   
English Language skills practised through analysis of non-fiction texts including a comparative element. Transactional writing such as letters and reviews.
Assessment: Edexcel English Language Paper 2Key Words and Terms