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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 English
Term 1Poetry and Performance   
Detailed analysis of poetry with a focus on poetic language and techniques. Students get to engage with a range of different genres and write their own poems. The term culminates with a class poetry performance.
Assessment: Two assessments; written reflection and comprehension. Key Words and Terms
Term 2The Outsiders  
A study of S.E. Hinton's landmark text. Students explore 1950s America in this classic rites of passage story, following the development of a group of characters from the wrong side of the tracks. Stay gold!
Assessment: Character analysis and reflective writing. Non-fiction texts: teenagers.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Extreme Experiences   
Close study and analysis of non-fiction extracts centred around the theme of Extreme Experiences. Texts studied include Joe Simpson's 'Touching the Void'.
Assessment: Language: Part A Non-fiction reading Part B: Transactional writingKey Words and Terms
Term 4A Midsummer Night’s Dream  
Pre 20th century drama; whole text. Close examination of the play, looking at character, themes, Shakespeare’s language, style and comedy.
Assessment: Analysis of Literature: character and motivation. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Language Skills  
Reading a range of non-fiction texts to familiarise students with techniques used. Students practise persuasive writing skills.
Assessment: Reading assessment and transactional writing. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Language Skills   
Analysis of a range of non-fiction texts, studying persuasive writing techniques and then putting those techniques into practise in transactional writing tasks such as speeches and articles.
Assessment: Reading: Answer a series of questions on two non-fiction texts. Writing: Transactional WritingKey Words and Terms