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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 English
Term 1Poetry and Performance   
Detailed analysis of poetry with a focus on poetic language and techniques. Students get to engage with a range of different genres and write their own poems. The term culminates with a class poetry performance.
Assessment: Two assessments; written reflection and comprehension. Key Words and Terms
Term 2The Outsiders   
A study of S.E. Hinton's landmark text. Students explore 1950s America in this classic rites of passage story, following the development of a group of characters from the wrong side of the tracks. Stay gold!
Assessment: Character analysis and reflective writing. Non-fiction texts: teenagers.Key Words and Terms
Term 320th Century Fiction and creative writing  
Close study and analysis of extracts and short stories, looking at themes, characters, relationships and context as well as how narrator’s perspective can influence readers. Creative writing inspired by the novel.
Assessment: Language: Part A: Reading Part B: Creative writingKey Words and Terms
Term 4A Midsummer Night’s Dream  
Pre 20th century drama; whole text. Close examination of the play, looking at character, themes, Shakespeare’s language, style and comedy.
Assessment: Analysis of Literature: character and motivation. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Language Skills  
Reading a range of non-fiction texts to familiarise students with techniques used. Students practise persuasive writing skills.
Assessment: Reading assessment and transactional writing. Key Words and Terms
Term 6Whodunnit? Murder Mystery!    
Varied and dynamic lessons based around the idea of a whodunnit and a murder mystery project.Language skills practised through analysis of non-fiction texts including a comparative elements. Transactional writing including speeches and reports.
Assessment: Term 6 Exam - holistic assessment of progress over the course of the year. Key Words and Terms