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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Food & Nutrition
Rotation within DTFood and Nutrition   
In their 13 week rotation with DT, students will learn the theory around dietary requirements and seasonal produce as well as understanding the concept of food miles and cultural and religious factors of meal planning through a range of practical dishes. They will also explore the four cake methods, chemical and natural raising agents and how to cater for gluten intolerance in their banana muffin technical challenge. This will be followed by extending prior understanding of bread by researching and making a bread from a different culture of their choice. After all this learning they will have the chance to WOW us with a show stopper that they have researched and designed to cater for a customer with one of the dietary requirements covered in this module.
Assessment: There will be practical and written assessments. The mid point assessment will include a technical challenge based on skills developed and students will create a tear and share bread following a recipe but with no demonstration as well as a written assessment. The end of unit assessment will be a Showstopper Challenge where students will design and create a product for a customer with a particular dietary requirement using theoretical knowledge developed. This will be accompanied by a written assessment.Key Words and Terms