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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Geography
Term 1 & 2Rivers and Coasts  
This module looks at rivers from source to mouth, and how they shape our landscape. It considers the physical processes involved and the landforms created, as well as looking at local, national and international examples of flooding. Students learn how and why our coastline is changing, why it looks so different in different parts of the UK, and through case studies will become experts at explaining coastal erosion there and learning to empathise with the different interest groups faced with this rapidly retreating coastline.
Assessment: Students will be assessed by way of exam. This will cover short and long answer questions including reference to a case study.Key Words and Terms
Term 3 & 4Urban Environments  
Today the UK is a mostly urban society, with 90 per cent of the population living in towns or cities. On a global scale, urbanisation is taking place rapidly, particularly in Low Income Countries. Students will look at two contrasting settlements and come to understand how they have formed, the problems they present and how the future might look for them.
Assessment: Students will sit a short written examination testing a range of skills.Key Words and Terms
Term 5The Amazon Rainforest  
Students will understand the climate of the tropical rainforest, and how humans, plants and animals adapt to live in these environments. The module then focuses on how human influences are changing our rainforests around the world, and whether we can develop the rainforest sustainably.
Assessment: Students will be assessed by a written assessment that looks at looks at their place knowledge.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Fieldwork  
Students will get to grips with this contemporary issue, looking at key questions: is oil really running out? How different would the world be without it? Should we be finding alternatives? They will consider the pros and cons of ‘alternative’ energy and give convincing points of view.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 7Weather and Climate   
Have you ever wondered why it rains and where all the rain water goes? Why, when the weather here is great, is it often great for five or more days? Why does the Caribbean have a much nicer climate than ours? These are some of the questions our Year 8s will find answers to in this module. Students will carry out their own micro-climate enquiry, and analyse the data from our own BFS weather station.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms