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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 Geography
Term 1 and 2Core Geography   
This module develops students’ map skills. Students develop a variety of map skills as well as using maps to explore their own area and the rest of the world. Students can engage with maps on a wide range of scales from different sources including Google Earth, Google Maps and Ordnance Survey, developing and building on their map interpretation skills.
Assessment: Students complete a map skills assessment. This includes locating and identifying features on maps as well as 4 and 6 figure grid referencesKey Words and Terms
Term 3 and 4Weather and climate  
Have you ever wondered why it rains and where all the rain water goes? Why, when the weather here is great, is it often great for five or more days? Why does the Caribbean have a much nicer climate than ours? These are some of the questions our Year 8s will find answers to in this module.
Assessment: Students will complete a written assessment.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Resources  
This module introduces students to the idea that the resources we use for every day life are part of a complex relationship between the earth and the countries which inhabit it. It will deal with Non-Renewable energies such as coal, oil and gas as well as Renewable energies such as Solar, Wind and Tidal energy.
Assessment: Students will complete an exercise where they justify the site of a new wind-farm.Key Words and Terms
Term 6Fieldwork  
In this module, students will explore a fieldwork question within Bristol Free School. They will be getting to grips with basic techniques of inquiry and start to develop questions to apply knowledge gained from the year so far.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on a longer written piece of writing that looks at their ability to analyse, draw conclusions and evaluate an investigation.Key Words and Terms
Term 6 Paradise Lost? – The Impact of Tourism   
With a focus on Thailand, students learn about all aspects of tourism, the advantages and disadvantages of, different types, jobs and the problems of tourism. Finally a focus is given to the environmental aspects of tourism, via the topic of ecotourism and sustainable tourism, before applying this knowledge to tourism in the UK.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms