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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 9 French
Term 1Ma vie sociale    
Students revise French pronunciation and the use of present tense. They recap how to describe themselves, and how to use correct adjective agreement. There is an introduction to the perfect tense and the development of writing skills by inclusion of more complex sentences while developing the habit of checking accuracy.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 2Bien dans sa peau   
Students will consider language for healthy lifestyles and sport. They will revise different grammar concepts such as partitive articles and 'il faut'. The ear future tense will be revised and reinforced using two tenses together. Students will be challenged to use more and more complex sentences and self-assess their work afterwards.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on their ability to answer a Foundation GCSE short writing question. Key Words and Terms
Term 3A l'horizon   
Students will learn vocabulary related to jobs, choices and reasons and will consider the importance of languages in jobs. They will compare past personality traits with present and talk about future job ambitions as well as understand job descriptions. The grammar aspects include direct object pronouns, comparatives, superlative irregular adjectives and comparatives. Students will use expressions with 'avoir' and 'si' to mean 'if' in complex phrases. There will be a focus on the imperitive (tu form).
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 4Special Vacances   
Students will talk about past and future holidays, extend opinions with justifications and make suggestions. They will consider adventure holidays and react to plans and ideas. Students will discuss holiday activities and tourist attractions. Grammar aspects include questions using inversion, the pronoun 'Y', comparatives and superlatives. There will be a focus on reflexives, conditional tense and combining tenses. Emphatic pronouns will be introduced.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 5Moi dans le Monde   
Students will discuss the rights of teenagers and what teenagers are and are not permitted to do by laeww. They will react to the opinions of others and explain what is important to them. Students will consider the worries of a teenager, making and justifying purchases and explaining what makes them happy. Grammar aspects include direct object pronouns, irregular adjectives and comparatives, expressions with avoir and complex structures.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Revision Le petit Nicholas   
Students will revise all topics covered in the previous 5 terms, developing their reading, writing speaking and listening skills as they revise. They will watch a film in French and discover French culture through aspects of the media. Students will complete activities in a tailor made booklet.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms