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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 French
Term 1Accèss  
Module to introduce students to French and recap for those who have studied it in primary school. We look at greetings, spellings, numbers, dates. Also we'll talk about classroom, colours, family, hobbies and where you live. We'll introduce students to basic grammar: definite and indefinite articles, adjectives and genders, possessive adjectives and the verbs 'avoir' and 'etre'
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 2Mon collège   
Students will discuss school, subject facilities and what students do at break. They will learn different ways of giving opinions as well as new grammar concepts such as partitive articles and the 'on' form. Students will consider Christmas celebrations in France. This module will introduce longer texts and start students learning lots of new vocabulary.
Assessment: Students will sit a writing, listening and reading task based on the content taught during term 2. Students will have to complete a Foundation GCSE style writing task on the topic of school of 40 words.Key Words and Terms
Term 3Mes passetemps  
Students will talk about what they do in their free time depending on the weather. They will also discuss what other people like doing. Students will consider more ER verbs and some irregular verbs. Sport will be considered using 'jouer a' and 'faire de' and students will revise 'opnions' and 'infinitive'.
Assessment: Students will complete an end of unit test based on the vocab and content taught in this unit. This assessment will also be in conjunction with weekly vocab test from French to English, and English to French.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Ma zone   
This unit teaches to describe places in town, what you can do there and how to arrange to go out. Students will work together on longer translations from French to English and vice versa. They will work on grammar structures such as vouloir/pouvoir and infinitive. Students will deliver a presentation about where they live using descriptive language and expressing and justifying opinions.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 53...2...1...Partez!   
Students will discuss holidays and activities that they can take part in. we introduce reflexive verbs and the near future tense to talk about where they are going to go. The conditional is introduced as well as relevant structure 'je voudrais + infinitive'. Students will use higher numbers and create longer sentences/paragraphs.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Paris, je t'adore   
Students talk about what has happened in Paris using the perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs. They are introduced to information about tourist attractions and the accompanying vocabulary and use 'c'etatit' and the perfect tense with 'avoir' and 'etre'.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms