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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 7 PSHCE
Term 3Puberty and Change  
Students will consider their own identities. They will develop an understanding of how puberty can change personal hygiene needs, and learn about the different products and methods that can help maintain good personal hygiene. They will develop an appreciation that feelings and emotions can change during puberty, and how to deal with this change. They will also learn about the changes that take place to the body during puberty. Students will learn about attraction and how to develop and maintain good relationship in a range of contexts.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Term 4Self-esteem and Body Positivity   
Students will explore the concept of self-esteem and how a negative self-perception can impact on their lives. They will also discuss body image and how this can be influenced negatively by the media.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Term 5 Staying Safe and Healthy   
In this unit pupils will learn how to keep themselves and their personal belongings safe. They will cover safety on the streets, the effects of text and cyber bullying and what can be done to prevent it, how to protect personal belongings, first aid and safety in the sun.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Term 6 Islamophobia, Bigotry and Discrimination   
Students will learn about prejudice and discrimination in all its forms, including Islamophobia and racism. As they learn about the religion of Islam in RP, they will also be learning about how Islam has been treated in the media and how this can sometimes spread misconceptions about the religion.
Assessment: N/aKey Words and Terms
Terms 1 and 2Identity, Diversity and Community  
Students will start by considering what makes up their own identity, and how this is affected by the different communities they belong to. They will learn about different aspects of diversity, including ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and differences in personality and ideology. The unit finishes with a project in which students will plan a festival that celebrates community and diversity.
Assessment: N/AKey Words and Terms