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KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Spanish
Term 1Mis vacaciones   
Students will talk about past holidays, focusing on the use of the preterite of IR and SER (irregular) and -AR and -ER regular verbs. They will distinguish between preterite and present verb forms and give a presentation about their holidays using two tenses and constructing sentences that are diverse and interesting.
Assessment: For the first assessment of Year 8, students will be tested on Listening, Reading and will have weekly vocab tests on the topic vocabularly.Key Words and Terms
Term 2Todo sobre mi vida   
Students will revise present tenses of common verbs (regular and irregular). They will talk about their favourite hobbies and their likes and dislikes. Types of phrases include saying what you use your mobile phone for, what kind of music you like and dislike, your favourite TV shows and justifications for your choices. Students will also talk about what they did yesterday.
Assessment: Students will be assessed on Listening, Reading, Speaking and Translation. The assessment will mainly include structures and vocabulary from the current unit, but also recall on prior knowledge. For the Speaking, students will prepare answers to a series of questions in lesson prior to the assessment, and will be individually asked these same questions to be assessed on communication, content and pronunciation/ fluency.Key Words and Terms
Term 3¡A comer!   
Students will talk about food using a wide range of opinions and describe mealtimes using negatives (nunca, no, nada...). They will rehearse ordering a meal in a restaurant using the polite forms 'usted/ustedes' and will use the near future, present and preterite to organise and give an account of a party. They will learn about food from Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.
Assessment: Students will be assessed weekly on vocabulary given weekly by their class teacher. This will include a mix of Spanish to English, and English to Spanish. The end of term assessment will consist of a reading and listening assessment. These tasks test the understanding of a short extracts made up of familiar language in the context of opinions about food in school. Pupils write the correct letters in the appropriate row. There will be distractors to challenge students.Key Words and Terms
Term 4Que hacemos?   
Students will use the conditional form 'me gustaria+infinitive' to arrange to go out and will make excuses using 'poder' and 'querer'. They will describe people and their clothing focusing on the use of the verb in the third person (el/ella) and demonstrative adjectives (este/esta/estos/estas). Students will discuss sporting events using three/four tenses together.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 5Operacion verano   
Students will describe a holiday home using the comparative (mas/menos+adjective+que). They will describe holiday activities using the superlative and ask for/give directions using the imperative. Summer camps will be described using at least three tenses.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 6Repaso El libro de la vida   
Students will revise all topics covered in the previous five terms. They will develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as they do so. Students will learn about Mexico (Geography, History, Art and culture) and will watch and analyse the movie 'El libro de la vida'.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms