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Assessment Map - Music
YearTimeUnitAO1: PerformingAO2: ComposingAO3: Listening & KnowledgeAO4: Listening & Appraising
7Term 1Rhythm1111
7Term 2Find Your Voice1011
7Term 3Melody and the Keyboard1011
7Term 4Elements of Music and the Orchestra0011
7Term 5Chinese Music (and the Pentatonic Scale)0111
7Term 6Musical Chords1011
8Term 1The Ukulele1011
8Term 2Song Writing0111
8Term 320th Century Art Music0111
8Term 4The Blues1111
8Term 5Music for Dance0111
8Term 6World Music: Caribbean1011
9Term 1School of Rock0000
9Term 2Band Instrumental Skills1011
9Term 3Composition Project0111
9Term 4Hip Hop1111
9Term 5Music and Media1011
9Term 6Musical Theatre1111
10Term 1Melody, Harmony and Staff Notation1111
10Term 2Popular Song1111
10Term 3Introduction to the Musical Era: Baroque1111
10Term 4Fusions1111
10Term 5Jazz and Bossa Nova1111
10Term 6Music for the Stage1111
11Term 1Instrumental Music1111
11Term 2The Classical and Romantic Eras1111
11Term 3Music for the Screen1111
11Term 4Composition0111
11Term 5Composition/Set Works recap0111
11Term 6Revision and Examination Preparation0011
12Term 1Introductions and Vocal Music0000
12Term 2Vocal Music, Free Composition, Performance (Vaughan Williams 'On Welock Edge: Nos. 1, 3 and 5')0000
12Term 3Instrumental Music Vivaldi 'Concerto in D Minor, Op. 3 No. 11' Clara Schumann 'Piano Trio in G minor, op. 17: Movement 1' Berlioz 'Symphonie Fantastique: Movement 1'0000
12Term 4Instrumental Music Music for Film; Bernard Herrman 'Psycho' excerpts, Rachel Portman 'The Duchess' excerpts0000
12Term 5Music for Film: Danny Elfman 'Batman Returns' excerpts0000
12Term 6Popular Music and Jazz The Beatles: selected songs from 'Revolver' Courtney Pine: selected songs from 'Back in the Day' Kate Bush: selected songs from 'Hounds of Love'0000
13Term 1Revision of Year One Topics and Popular Music and Jazz0000
13Term 2Fusions Debussy 'Estampes: Nos. 1 and 2' Anoushka Shankar 'Breathing Under Water' selected tracks Familia Valera 'Cana Quema' selected songs0000
13Term 3New Directions: Cage 'Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos: No 1' Stravinsky 'The Rite of Spring' excepts Saariaho 'Petals'0000
13Term 4Revision0000
13Term 5Final Pieces and Revision0000