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Assessment Map - Art
YearTimeUnitAO1: Develop and ResearchAO2: Experiment and ImproveAO3: Record IdeasAO4: Final Outcomes
7Terms 1, 2 and 3Introduction to Art0010
7Terms 4, 5 and 6Art and Architecture1111
8Terms 1, 2 and 3Portraiture1111
8Terms 4, 5 and 6Human Form0000
9Term 1The Importance of Drawing1110
9Term 2The Importance of Drawing; Mark Making0110
9Term 3The Importance of Drawing; techniques1110
9Term 4Letters 11111
9Term 5Letters 20100
9Term 6Wish You Were Here1111
10Term 1Natural Forms1110
10Term 2Natural Forms; Recording0000
10Term 3Natural Forms; Development1111
10Term 4Urban Life/Portraiture and Identity0000
10Term 5 Urban Life/Portraiture and Identity Development0000
10Term6Urban Life/Portrait and Identity Conclusion1111
11 Term 4 & 5Preparatory Period0000
11Term 1Mock preparatory work1110
11Term 2Mock Examination1111
11Term 3Question Paper Issued and Preparatory Period0000
11Term 6Preparation and Practical Examination1111
12Term 1Term 1 Pushing the boundaries of drawing0000
12Term 2 & 3Term 2 & 3 Past paper0000
12Term 4 & 5Term 4&5 Personal Investigation0000
12Term 6Term 60000
13Term 1, 2 and 3Personal Investigation 0000
13Term 3, 4 and 5Externally set assignment0000