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Assessment Map - English
YearTimeUnitReading (AO1-4)Writing (A05)SPAG (AO6)Presenting (AO7)Listening and Responding (AO8)Speaking and Presenting (A09)Short - reading (1-2)Reading - fiction (15)Writing - fiction (40)Reading - non-fiction (15)Reading - compare (14)Reading - compare (6)Writing - non-fiction(40)Literature (20)
7Term 1Poetry and Performance10100111100001
7Term 2The Outsiders11100001100011
7Term 3Extreme Experiences11100010011011
7Term 4A Midsummer Night’s Dream11100010011111
7Term 5Language Skills11000011100001
7Term 6Language Skills11100110011110
8Term 1Short Stories11000011101101
8Term 2The Tempest11101001100001
8Term 3The Tempest and Linked Poetry11100011010011
8Term 4The Woman in Black11100010011111
8Term 5Language Skills11100011100001
8Term 6Language Skills11100010011110
9Term 1Of Mice and Men11100011100001
9Term 2Romeo and Juliet11101011100001
9Term 3Romeo and Juliet11100000010011
9Term 4Gothic Literature11100000001111
9Term 5Language Paper 111100011100001
9Term 6Language Paper 2 and Poetry11100110011110
10Term 119th Century Fiction and Creative Writing11100011100001
10Term 2Modern Novel: Lord of the Flies11100000000011
10Term 3Macbeth11111101001101
10Term 4Macbeth11000011000001
10Term 5Non Fiction; speaking and listening. 11111100000000
10Term 6Non-fiction texts. 19th Century fiction. 11111111111111
11Term 1Jekyll and Hyde11100001100011
11Term 2Jekyll and Hyde 11100001000011
11Term 3Writing Skills Revision11100001000011
11Term 4Literature Revision11100001101101
11Term 5GCSE Exams! The Final Countdown! 00000000000000
12Term 1Modern Poetry, and Shelley's "Frankenstein"00000000000000
12Term 2"A Streetcar Named Desire", and "Never Let Me Go"00000000000000
12Term 3"A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Never Let Me Go"00000000000000
12Term 4Coursework00000000000000
12Term 5Coursework and exam preparation00000000000000
12Term 6Exams, and preparation for Yr 1300000000000000
13Term 1"Othello"00000000000000
13Term 2"Othello"00000000000000
13Term 3Poetry00000000000000
13Term 4Revision.00000000000000
13Term 5Exam period00000000000000