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Assessment Map - Physical Education
YearTimeUnitAO1-3 TheoryAO1-3 PracticalAO4 Practical
7Term 1Baseline assessment and fundamental skills010
7Term 2Girls - Outdoor invasion Boys - accurate replication110
7Term 3Girls - Accurate replication Boys - Outdoor invasion 010
7Term 4Striking and Fielding010
7Term 5Girls - Short Tennis Boys - Athletics 010
7Term 6Girls - Athletics Boys - Short tennis 010
8Term 1Girls - Netball and Football Boys - Basketball (Sport Education) and Handball010
8Term 2Girls - Accurate Replication and Badminton Boys - Outdoor Adventurous Activities and American Football010
8Term 3Girls - Basketball and Handball Boys - Football010
8Term 4Girls - Outdoor Adventurous Activities 010
8Term 5Girls - Athletics Boys - Cricket and Tennis010
8Term 6Girls - Cricket and Tennis Boys - Athletics010
9Term 1Girls - Netball Boys - Basketball010
9Term 2Girls - Badminton Boys - Rugby/American Football110
9Term 3Girls - Basketball Boys - Football010
9Term 4Girls - Rounders Boys - Softball010
9Term 5Girls - Athletics Boys - Tennis010
9Term 6 Girls - Tennis Boys - Athletics010
10Term 1Applied anatomy and physiology100
10Term 2Applied anatomy and physiology100
10Term 3Physical training100
10Term 4Applied anatomy and physiology - the cardio-respiratory system 100
10Term 5Movement analysis100
10Term 6Sports pyschology100
11Term 1Performance analysis assessment001
11Term 2Health, Fitness and well-being100
11Term 3Socio-cultural influences100
11Terms 4 and 5Socio-cultural influences100
12Terms 1-3: Anatomy and PhysioloThe cardiovascular system000
12Terms 1-3: Skill acquisitionSkill characteristics and their impact on transfer and practice100
12Terms 1-3: Sport and societyEmergence of the globalisation of sport in the twenty first century100
12Terms 4-6: Anatomy and PhysioloDiet and nutrition and physical training000
12Terms 4-6: Skill acquisitionPsychological influences on the individual and team000
12Terms 4-6: Sport and societyThe impact of sport on society and of society on sport100
13Terms 1-3: Anatomy and PhysioloEnergy systems000
13Terms 1-3: Skill acquisitionInformation processing000
13Terms 1-3: Sport and societyEthics in sport and the role of technology in physical activity and sport000
13Terms 4-6: Anatomy and PhysioloBiomechanical movement000
13Terms 4-6: Skill acquisitionSports Psychology000
13Terms 4-6: Sport and societyAnalysis and Evaluation task000