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Assessment Map - Design Technology
YearTimeUnitInvestigating A01Designing A02Making A03Analysing and evaluating A04Technical Knowledge AO5
7Rotation in DTTextiles11111
7Rotation in DTProduct Design11111
8Rotation in DTProduct Design11111
9Rotation CProduct Design11111
10Terms 1 and 2Core technical principles00000
10Terms 3 and 4Specialist technical principles00000
10Terms 5 and 6Designing and making principles00000
11Term 1Unit 1 and Unit 2 Making00000
11Term 2Unit 1; All Topics and Unit 2: Making00000
11Term 3Unit 1; All Topics and Unit 2; Testing and Evaluation00000
11Term 4Unit 1; Revision00000
11Term 5Unit 1; Revision continued00000
12Term 1Communicating Designs and Manufacturing with Metal00000
12Term 2Stakeholder Design and Manufacturing with Timber and Textiles00000
12Term 3Design through Practical Exploration00000
12Term 4 and 5Iterative Design - Kitchens in and Ageing Population00000
12Term 6Non Examined Assessment00000
13New unit00000
13New unit00000
13New unit00000
13New unit00000
13New unit00000
13New unit00000