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Assessment Details - Year 13 French
  • Theme 3. Unit 7 - The Positive Impact of Immigration in France
    Assessment: Students will sit a mock exam paper assessing on both units covered. Students will be examined on a reading, translation, listening, writing and vocab assessment.
  • Theme 3. Unit 8. The Challenges of Immigration and Integration in France
    Assessment: Students will be assessed on course content covered in class work and by individual study. This will comprise of a reading, translation, listening, writing and vocab assessment.
  • Literature Study (L
    Assessment: Students will complete an essay on the chosen text and they will complete a vocab and translation assessment.
  • Theme 3. Unit 9: The Extreme Right
    Assessment: End Topic test will be completed by each student and will comprise of a listening, translation and reading assessment based on the content covered. Students will also work with a FLA to complete a speaking booklet on possible questions based on Task one of the A Level exam.
  • Theme 4. France under Occupation and The Collaboration
    Assessment: Students will sit and end of unit test which will assess understanding of all content covered during this unit.This assessment will be in the format of the following: -Video comprehension - Listening comprehension - Reading comprehension - Translation - Task 1 of speaking exam
  • Theme 4: Unit 11 - Vichy
    Assessment: At the end of this unit students will sit an 'end of unit' assessment which will encompass all 4 language skills with a translation.
  • Theme 4: Unit 12 - The Resistance
    Assessment: Students will sit an End of Unit test in which they they will be assessed on reading, listening, translation, speaking and writing.
  • Theme 1 Revisited
    Assessment: Assessment for this topic will be exam style questions covering: - reading - listening - translation - speaking
  • Themes 2 Revisited
    Assessment: Students will be assessed through a mock A level exam encompassing all skills examined at A Level.
  • Revision of Literature and Film Studied
    Assessment: Students will have regular essay-based assessments with a focus on previous exam paper questions.
  • Exam Period